William Millar and Anna Jane (SEAMAN) CRICHTON

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  Crichton Headstone      Anna Jane Crichton     William Millar Crichton    James Lewis Crichton    Jonathan Henderson Crichton (buried as John)                Crichtons

       Robert M. & Sarah         Lisbon, ND         Zion Cemetery                       Ranes Plot                    Ranes Headstone Anne Crichton Ranes    Paul A. Ranes
"Sadie" C. (Scott) Crichton

     Anna Olsdatter       Paul B. Ranes     Rina (?) Ranes, 1st wife of Paul B. Ranes   Carl Martin Ranes          Robert Crichton Ranes   Paul Scott Ranes
   (Borsheim) Ranes                                                                                           s/o Paul B. & Rina Ranes

    William S. & Gladys P Crichton                   Wiley R. & Pearl Ann (Malott) Pugh                  Jessalyn Crichton   Douglas Crichton

                      Forestvale Cemetery               Bartos Headstone     Emma Bartos          Rose Bartos       Frank Bartos Jr.     May C. Bartos


These two rows are pictures from Benton Avenue Cemetery.  It doesn't look as ill-kept as it really is.  Many stones are lying flat on their face. 
There are some piles of stones under the trees toward the front.  There are stones just missing off the bases.  The prairie dogs have so undermined
it that many stones are sinking and it's dangerous and hard to walk because holes are everywhere and unexpected in the grass.  But as you can see,
I was fascinated with, and enjoyed thoroughly, the up-close encounters with the deer and prairie dogs. 

   Walter G. Thomason         Willis Jay Allison, Jr.   Harry H. Kanzelmeyer

  Sanders Headstone    Mountview Cemetery          Lamont Headstone               Richard Kent Lamont   Elizabeth Anne Lamont    Helen Crichton Sanders

Thomas & Gladys Crichton     Raymond Keith Crichton   Eloy Memorial Cemetery


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